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Late 2007:

  • In response to strong international interest in the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition’s science-based approach to the climate debate, ICSC was created by NZCSC participants. ICSC’s mandate was to act as an international organization to:  
    • represent climate science realists at UN and other climate conferences, especially the December 2007 Climate Science Conference (COP13) in Bali, Indonesia.
    • coordinate a more effective worldwide climate realists’ response.
    • spawn the creation of country-specific ICSC affiliates around the world so as to help bring rational science, economics and policy to the debate at nation-state levels.
  • Terry Dunleavy, MBE, JP, became ICSC Founding Chairman.
  • Bryan Leyland, M.Sc. (Power System Design), FIEE, FIMechE, FIPENZ became ICSC Secretary.
  • An advisory team of 20 climate science experts and 15 specialists in climate-related economics, policy and energy engineering were recruited—10 countries represented. 


March 2008:

  • Tom Harris, then Executive Director of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project in Canada, becomes ICSC Executive Director.
  • Leading Paleoclimatologist Professor Tim Patterson, PhD, of Carleton University in Canada accepts the role of ICSC Chairman. 


2008 – 2010:

  • ICSC becomes recognized as a non-partisan player in the intense public climate debate in several countries.
  • ICSC advisory boards arranged into science and policy focused groups (ICSC advisory board members now total 38 experts from 10 countries). 


September 2010:

  • Professor Bob Carter, PhD, Adjunct Research Fellow at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia replaces Professor Patterson to become ICSC Chief Science Advisor. 
  • Terry Dunleavy becomes ICSC Strategic Advisor.
  • Bryan Leyland becomes ICSC Energy Issues Advisor.


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