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4.4 ICSC National Affiliates

One of the fundamental reasons that the International Climate Science Coalition was created is to coordinate the formation of national affiliates—Climate Science Coalitions (CSCs) in specific countries designed to further the ideals of ICSC internationally. These entities are country-focused, non-partisan coalitions of scientists, economists, engineers and policy experts who concentrate on national and local objectives while working closely with ICSC on international projects. The latter activity is especially important since, to date, there has yet to be a prominent, credible and well-coordinated international response to the climate alarmism of the IPCC, Al Gore, Sir Nicholas Stern, Professor Ross Garnaut, Dr. David Suzuki and many politicians.   

Besides the New Zealand CSC (ICSC was created by NZCSC in 2007), ICSC has coordinated the creation of two new ICSC national affiliates – the Australian Climate Science Coalition (ACSC) and the Climate Science Coalition of America (CSCA). Similar national coalitions are under active consideration for other countries (details confidential at present).

Affiliates, once launched and running smoothly, operate in a similar fashion to franchises, taking advantage of the CSC brand (logo, non-partisan approach, contacts, etc.) while being responsible for their own operations, fund raising and other activities.

ICSC will continue to create and bolster national CSC groups, helping them tune their activities to best serve the nations in which they are based. Further details concerning the establishment of ICSC national affiliates are laid out in Annex D.3 - CSC National Affiliates.

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