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4.7 Public Opinion Surveys

Given sufficient funding, ICSC proposes to conduct unbiased public opinion surveys before, during and after major initiatives so as to generate a quantitative assessment of the impact of our activities. As part of a nation-wide "omnibus" climate poll in Canada in 2002, ICSC participants created the survey questions and then publicized the corresponding results.

This activity will be important going forward since governments often base public policy decisions largely on the results of these surveys. Yet most of these polls cannot be trusted to give meaningful indications of public opinion about climate change and energy issues since many are biased, "push-polls" that artificially drive respondents to answers desired by the survey sponsors. This may be intentional or due to ignorance of the issue on the part of survey coordinators. On February 27, 2011, The Calgary Herald published an opinion piece by Mr. Harris about such a poll.

In contrast, ICSC surveys will be constructed, carried out and reported on in a neutral fashion so as to generate meaningful indicators of real public opinion.

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