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The public's growing interest in ‘skeptical’ climate science strongly implies that, once it is more broadly known that many scientists with the relevant expertise do not support the need for carbon dioxide (CO2) emission controls, public appetite for expensive programs "to fight climate change" will quickly wither. Politicians can choose to follow or eventually risk defeat. Mass media that are seen to be out of step with their readers will lose circulation and ratings. Businesses that promoted the scare will have difficulty regaining public trust. Climate campaigners will be increasingly discounted and the extremists in the environmental movement may be set back decades as their signature crusade, the quest to “stop climate change”, will be regarded as hopelessly misguided.

While ICSC’s Climate Scientists’ Register cannot produce these results on its own, it will provide objective information that citizens and opinion leaders in many countries and of many political and philosophical persuasions will need to stem the tide of irrational and expensive CO2 reduction policies.

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