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ICSC will create a fully developed section to our Web site specifically dedicated to providing detailed information concerning The Register:  

  • the Register purpose (see here), text, and the most up-to-date endorser list (see here). A proposed layout of the way in which this list will eventually be made more media friendly may be seen here.
  • automated form to allow more rapid collection and screening of qualified endorsers.
  • ICSC media, government and public contacts concerning The Register.
  • climate science as it relates to The Register’s principle message.
  • media and other reports on The Register.


Once a fully functional version of The Register Web pages have been activated, ICSC will issue a news release publicizing the project, soliciting new expert endorsers and inviting media to contact ICSC representatives concerning the project (a news release on passing the first 100 endorsers was issued on June 30, 2010—see here). ICSC will also alert media, governments and the public to the fact that the U.N. has not responded to the Copenhagen Climate Challenge or the 2007 Bali open letter of 100+ leading climate experts, asking, “If the U.N. is so confident about their forecasts of human-caused climate catastrophe, then why will they not substantiate this belief with verifiable observational evidence?” 

Upon achieving significant numerical milestones in the collection of scientist endorsers, we will broadly publicize The Register and the related science via news releases, newspaper opinion pieces, letters to the editor, public presentations, Web postings and radio and TV interviews and call-ins.     

Given sufficient funding, a professional brochure will also be created in order to further publicize the Register, provide references in support of the scientists’ statement and give audiences and reporters an attractive and interesting ‘take away’ from presentations and interviews. 

ICSC will solicit the support of like-minded groups to generate publicity for the project in many countries. We will invite world leaders who are open to a re-examination of climate science to aid in this effort, the objective being to create a situation in which it would be difficult for the U.N. Secretary-General to continue to ignore the open letters from climate realists.     

If the U.N. does eventually respond to the Copenhagen Climate Challenge, ICSC will share their response with our scientist team and analyse the U.N.’s response for public and media distribution. If the U.N. does not respond, we will continue to publicize that failing.


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