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ICSC facilitates the establishment of national affiliates to further our goals internationally. ICSC affiliates operate in a manner that has similarities to the franchises of enterprises such as the Hudson’s Bay Company (the oldest corporation in existence) in that they conduct their regular business without ICSC’s involvement unless requested.  


Agreements between ICSC and its affiliates

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The exact details of ICSC/affiliate relationships and affiliate and ICSC responsibilities are laid out in simple affiliate "charters" signed by the authorized parties of ICSC and the national CSC group before allowing the affiliate to use the ICSC ‘brand’ and take advantage of ICSC’s assistance. ICSC affiliate charters include such provisions as:

  • Each affiliate is required to agree to a common set of standards, which include:


Avoidance of logical fallacies such as ad hominem attacks on opponents and other unconstructive behaviour.

Avoidance of overt support for any political ideology or party.

Avoidance of promotion of specific commercial interests.

Maintaining strict confidentiality of all donors.

Maintaining strict confidentiality of all affiliate and ICSC financing details.

  • Each affiliate will be required to agree to, and publicize, a common set of core ICSC messages (see "Annex A.3 - ICSC Messaging") to be prominently displayed on their Web sites and in other public literature.
  • Each affiliate will be responsible for their own fund raising and financial management, including the employment of contractors and others to accomplish their mission.
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  • The affiliate will make daily, weekly and monthly operational and other tactical decisions on their own, with little if any involvement of ICSC, except during the start-up phase and later as requested by the affiliate;
  • Besides allowing use of the ICSC ‘brand’, ICSC will:
    • Provide start-up support to affiliates (including, at times, ICSC financial support).
    • Act as an information portal to broadly expose each national affiliate internationally.
    • Act as the coordinating agency for international cooperation (e.g., international actions to oppose mistakes of the IPCC).
    • Supply information of interest and suggestions to the affiliates.
    • Share with affiliates the information required to assemble required strategic plans, etc.


Reporting, financial and other requirements of ICSC affiliates are confidential. 



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