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July 26, 2011: ICSC Consultant Science Adviser Professor Chris R. de Freitas, PhD, School of Environment, The University of Auckland, New Zealand debates Professor Keith Hunter, pro-vice-chancellor of sciences, University of Otago and a former vice-president for physical sciences of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Professor de Freitas:

"...empirical data from temperature measurements over time clearly show that carbon dioxide is not a main driver, as temperature does not rise monotonically with carbon dioxide.

"...there was almost 40 years of global cooling beginning in 1940 despite steadily rising carbon dioxide levels. Other factors also drive global climate change. It appears carbon dioxide is only a minor player.

"The science is far from settled and the odds now favour the hypothesis that the main drivers of climate change are natural."

Read his whole argument.

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Professor Hunter:

"For every 1C of warming the air can hold an extra 6 to 8 per cent water vapour, meaning heavier rain when it rains. The associated enhanced evaporation driving the increase in water vapour is consistent with drying soils and increasing risk of drought.

Thus climate scientists are concluding that the worldwide increase in heatwaves and flood-producing rainfalls, and the decreased cold nights and frost days, are all very likely a result of global warming."

- Read his whole argument (scroll down 3.5 pages).